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Full Version: What are the odds...
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That this branch makes it in to Gotham?

I sure as heck hope so. Native Emulator integration works much better than the Rom Browser. (art scrape is nice but oh well)
when it's done and ready
Excellent. I was just curious that if it was in development in the forums that if it works 100% that it's guarenteed included.
(2013-06-04, 22:53)tjcinnamon Wrote: [ -> ]if it works 100% that it's guarenteed included.

"works 100%" is not a thing that is possible in open source software. There is, virtually without exception, always room for improvement.

If garbear feels comfortable enough with the progress to PR it into trunk, it will be reviewed, commented on, probably fixed in places, etc. Eventually, it'll likely make it into trunk. When that eventually is is completely unknown.
I see it this way, the probability is 50% (one of two equally likely outcomes) - either it will or it won't
I wouldn't think so. The project has come far, but there's still some kinks to flatten and features to implement. Patience is everything.