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Full Version: Songza Music Plugin
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Hi there!

Here is a plugin to let you browse and listen to all the music stations on Songza.com.

It's my first plugin and by no means complete, but the major functionality is all there and works.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Now fully maintained and improved by avens19. Thanks for keeping it alive!

Current Features (v1.0.1):
Music Concierge
Popular Charts
Browse by all standard categories
Station art and descriptions
Configuration for station art size, enable/disable, cache time
User Playlists (with username and password in configuration)
Station & Artist Search

Future Improvements:

Version 1.0.1
- Feature: Username and password in config.
- Bug Fix: Faster album art loading.
- Bug Fix: Updated Python version

Version 1.0.0
- Bug Fix: Stations repeating single song.
- Feature: Search stations & artists.
- Feature: Browse recent and personal playlists.
- Feature: Added settings for thumbnail storage.

Version 0.0.1
- Initial version

Grab the repo here and updates will be delivered to you as they are released: repository.byalongshot.zip
Just grab this and "Install from zip file" as you would normally then find: ByALongShot's XBMC Addons > Music Addons > Songza

Let me know what you think, whether you love it, hate it, or would like to see a new feature!

Very sweet plugin man.

Great job. Looking forward to contributing
Added the XBMC-friendly zip to the repo. Just grab from the link in the top post and "Install from zip file" as you would normally.
Looking good my friend. Smile So glad to finally see this addon come to life!
Thanks for adding this plugin! Been really looking forward to this.

Any chance on adding a next song feature that Songza currently has? It's limited but it does allow for 3-5 skip to next tracks.
As it stands now, you can skip as many tracks as you'd like. You can also go backwards through your previous tracks to the first track played.
Hi I'm new to xbmc but love the idea of a songza plugin however when running it places the same song, maybe two, into the playlist over and over. Have you had this issue?
I have run into this as well but haven't gotten a chance to thoroughly investigate it. Given some time, the problem seems to disappear which makes me wonder if it isn't a problem on Songza's side. It appears that this is a problem in their own mobile app as well: https://getsatisfaction.com/songza/topic...g_repeated
Thank you so much!!!
Nice music addon! I like it! But the addon always repeat the same 3 songs. Sad
I fixed the repeating songs issue. You need to store the cookies from each request because Songza uses a session ID to keep things straight. Please let me know how I can insert my code into your repo. In the meantime, here is my version: http://goo.gl/QCGwqG
I think the best way for now would be to Fork & Pull (fork my repo, do your additions/modifications, and then submit a pull request). Glad to have some external contributions as I've been swamped with work lately!

I suppose I should also mention that all code should follow the PEP 8 Python style guide. I generally use SublimeLinter to help me spot any problems.
Now I'm confused. There are two repos with nearly identical code. I forked djcode's before I saw yours
This is the repo for the plugin released in this thread: XBMC-Plugin-Songza
Ah OK, my bad. I added search and user content. Forking yours now.
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