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Full Version: Suddenly Can't Login To YouTube Addon?
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I've been using the 4.4.4 version of this addon for several months perfectly then all of a sudden today it's prompting me to login and now i'm getting login failures, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and i'm still getting the login failures over 20 attempts. Help? Please see my pastebin debug log here http://pastebin.com/8WmDu6Ha

mac os x
xbmc 12.2
youtube 4.4.4 from xbmc.org repo

Thank you.
The issue is Not username password, the issue is being a manager of a g+ page.

I had to remove myself as the manager or owner of a page and instantaneously I could login again to the youtube xbmc addon.

Note I still own a g+ community so it seems to be isolated to g+ pages.