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Full Version: Sync outage due to Transifex API change
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Hi all translators, addon developers !

You might have noticed, that I have not synced addon/skin/main language files with Transifex lately.
The problem, I am having at the moment, is that there is an API change at Transifex for uploading the language files.
I need to update my sync utility, which I will try to do as soon as possible.

Thanks for the patience,

Hi all !

Just wanted to let you know that I resolved the Transifex API change problem I had with my sync utility, so regular syncs are coming back.

Also soon I upload xbmc-master language files to a new Transifex project. I'll let you know the details.

Has the regular syncing started back yet? I ask only because I've updated the English language files for Artist Slideshow, but it doesn't look like those changes are reflected on the Transifex side so that folks can start translating the new strings.