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Full Version: Avidemux-frontend for xbmc (add-on)
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I'm not a programmer but have some experience with scripting small "programs" in several languages (e.g. SH-Scripts, Autoit-scripts, ...). In the XBMC-wiki I found several tutorials about add-on-development. I've heard python was not too difficult to learn.

My problem: There seems to be no avidemux-frontend for xbmc out there and I need this program frequently to cut commercials out of tv-recordings. Avidemux has a CLI. Coding a frontend shouldn't be too difficult. All (encoding-) parameters can be forwarded as terminal-commands. Cutting-markers are done with xml-or .py-files.

It would be nice having an addon to do all the cutting-stuff within xbmc (and a IR-remote). Only problem: A video-preview with slider was neccesary to move around precisely within a movie. I took a look on the built-in-functions. There is a function for video-preview but I didn't find a solution for getting timecodes and sliders.

How difficult would it be to realize such an avidemux-gui on ubuntu?

Thanks in advance for help.