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Full Version: Scraper tmdb not finding movies with special characters over nfs
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A week ago a transferred all my movies from an external hard drive to my newly build server.
I shared the movies using NFS, because I couldn't get SMB to work in XBMC.

After this, the TMDB scraper can't find any movies which has special characters in them. Before that, it did. All other movies are fine.

I know all titles and years are correct, because it worked before and all filenames are changed using the Renamer.

I just made another scrape with the log turned on. The log can be found here.

Another thing is that the movie "Despicable me" isn't showing up, even though the title and year are correct. Perhaps someone can see in the log if something is wrong with that file (or something else)?

I am using XBMCbuntu.