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Full Version: How to fix titles that are incorrectly identified?
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I have a bunch of Looney Tunes episodes that don't show up at all. I also have the Pixar Short Films collection which is misidentified. How do I go about getting these into the database properly and getting the scrapers to go out and get fanart for them?
there are many media managers to help gather info/cover art/extra art. so far, mediaelch is my favorite


any files that i have scraping issues with, i use mediaelch to grab whatever i need. i saves the .nfo and can grab images. if you need/want to rename a ton of them to fit the naming scheme for xbmc (and the files exist on thetvdb.com) you can use filebot http://www.filebot.net/ to batch rename seasons to proper naming scheme and other neat things.

there are 2 things to consider when media isnt getting scanned:
is the media defined on whatever site your scraping from (is the season/episode missing from thetvtb.com? then its probably not going to scan properly)
are your media files in the correct naming scheme.. there is a thread on here about what xbmc accepts