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Full Version: Back to Login screen menu before sleeping
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My XBMCbuntu system is controlled by my Harmony Remote.

At this moment we start our HTPC (running XBMCbuntu 12.2) by hand but I would like to use the sleeping function.
Main problem for not using this is the fact that we have a special profile for the kids.

I wonder if it would be possible to let XBMC go back to the login screen before it goes in to sleep?
System is normally shutdown using the Harmony remote.

Almost the same question but now for system in our bedroom.(using Openelec 3.0.3)
Would it be possible to go back to Main Menu of XBMC before it goes sleep?
See this for resuming on the home screen


Although openelec stores is resume hooks elsewhere.


Xbmcbuntu returns to the login screen when xbmc is closed, so follow the first link but replace the line with the curl command with

killall -9 xbmc.bin

I've found its better to have these things done on resume rather than suspend.
teeedubb: let me see if I get it right.

To get my XBMCBuntu machine go back to the login screen I need to use next line:

sudo nano /etc/pm/sleep.d/80_xbmc-home

and then:

# xbmc home screen

if [ "$1" = "resume" ]

        killall -9 xbmc.bin


and then

sudo chmod +x /etc/pm/sleep.d/80_xbmc-home

Is that correct?
Yep looks right.