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Full Version: XBMC crashes sometimes when starting video playback
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Ever since my XBMC last updated (the first time I've ever seen a prompt in XBMC itself asking me if I want to update, actually) I've been having intermittent crashes when starting video playback. I'm on Lubuntu 13.04 i686 although this happened to me on 12.10 as well. I upgraded to see if it would help and it did not. My XBMC version is 13.0-ALPHA4 Git:0ccc594 and my kernel is 3.8.0-23.


I tried to get a core dump as described in the sticky thread here but it did not work. No file is being created even though it's saying the core was dumped and "ulimit -a" shows that the core file size is unlimited, so it should not be suppressed. If this is needed and anybody has any advice on how to get the core dump just let me know, as this crash is relatively easy to reproduce.

that means you either have to wait for the next monthly, or you use a nightly till then.