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Full Version: Xbmc not workin on my new internet
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I hav recently moved house an got a new Internet provider, I set up my atv2, went on xbmc an I am unable 2 play any videos on navi-x or any add ons. I've tryed the box at a couple of my friends an it works fine. Can any1 giv me sum advise plz. Also playstation an other devises work fine on my internet

Give us an example that isn't Navi-X, IceFilms, 1Channel, or Project Free TV (see forum rules (wiki)). For example, see if you can replicate this using an add-on included in the XBMC.org add-on repo. Include a debug log (wiki).
Maybe your new internet provider blocks access to those illegal websites or to the DNS servers you have set up.
Lets see you upload a debug log (wiki)