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Full Version: cant find xbmchub v1.0.1
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ok guys, new to all this but here is the problem. I can only install xbmc v1.0.0 but want to install v1.0.1 so I can get xbmchub maintenance on atv1. I am running crystalabutnu via usb stick. hope this is enough info.
1.0 only run on xbox, sorry
XBMCHUB = shit. Don't install it on your ATV1.

Go to http://crystalbuntu.com or http://openelec.tv

look for the install instructions, both will give you XBMC v12.

Then go and use a god damn torrent or newsgroup client like a decent human being. Even if we allowed you guys to talk about the piracy add-ons, they're so damn shitty in quality. How can you watch that? How can you do that to your poor TV? Dear god man.

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