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Full Version: launch xbmc at boot time in background
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I have Fedora 18 installed.

My intention is to have XBMC start at boot time, without me logging in, and only SERVE the media via uPnP / DLNA, that I have in ~/Videos. I don't need the client GUI at all.

I have XBMC installed via the official Fedora repository. It runs fine when clicked on in the KDE desktop. In the GUI, Ive set it to share the files in ~/Videos.

I can't seem to find anywhere how to set this up to start at boot time though, as a service possibly?

any tips would be helpful.

on ubuntu, there are 2 sensible ways to archive that. 1. Using lightdm to launch the xbmc standalone session or an upstart job for "xinit xbmc-standalone". Since fedora does things differently I cannot give you a detailed howto, but the general approach applies.
I remember someone posted a systemd start script for xbmc somewhere on this forum, probably for arch linux.