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Full Version: Error while compiling xbmc for android on Ubuntu 12.04, 32bit machine
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You think it would be there if we would 1. know it or 2. someone would investigate it atm?
Sorry to temporarily hijack this thread, but I'm getting "aapt not found" errors as well. The Android SDK Manager downloaded aapt "Android Asset Packaging Tool, v0.2", but v0.2 doesn't support the "crunch" command (./aapt c). What version are you guys using (./aapt v)?
I am using the same aapt (Android Asset Packaging Tool, v0.2). My problem was that there was no aapt inside "sdk/platform-tools". but i found the same file on "sdk/build-tools/android-4.2.2". So i just created a symlink and that solved my problem.
Oh. I copied mine from "sdk/platforms/android-4/tools". it solves the problem, but if it's the same version then it probably doesn't do the ./aapt c part. It still builds just fine, but the png's don't get crunched, it silently fails and then finishes up.
what do you mean by "crunch"? in my compiled xbmc all images are present.

my compiled version is xbmc v13 (Gotham). but i want to compile v12 (Frodo). i couldnt find any configuration for this. How can i do that?
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