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Full Version: Small mod Fusion V3
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Hey everyone just thought i would share some work i did on the current github build of fusion migma.v3 while we wait for butchabay's awesome next release.
Seeing how butchabay is a super busy coding ninja i thought i would upload a small mod i had been playing around with at home.

nothing major done here a few bug fixes added cdart to most views that can be toggled on and off if its not your thing, also new extra recently added sections on home among other stuff.

See changelog below for changes.

Download link can be found here

Thanks to Butchabay, Arcanthur, mstef, Crookas, saangler, >>X<<, tungmeister, frellAN, EKIM232



Changelog: 0.1.5 (20.05.2013)

- Added disc art to 4 more views (added option to toggle on and off off by default)

Changelog: 0.1.5 (18.05.2013)

- Added red zbar to home
- Added option to toggle on and off zbar in home menu.
- Fixed text height code in settinggscategory.xml to match rest of settings
- Added 10 items to music section in home menu to match tv shows and movies

Changelog: 0.1.5 (12.05.2013)

- Added option to toggle on and off trailer in recently added extra info.
- Fixed some navigation problems in home menu

Changelog: 0.1.4 (11.05.2013)

- Removed dialogmusicscan.xml (frodo)
- Added new icon for live tv in settings.xml
- Removed about section in settings.xml (for new to make room for live tv)

Changelog: 0.1.3 (07.05.2013)

- Changed settings.xml text to strings for later translation
- New Feature, added new extra info for recently added tv shows and movies. (can be toggled on and off in fusion settings)
- Added option to view trailer in recently added extra info
- Code cleanup
- Added live tv section in settings.xml
- Changed some labels to strings for later translation.
- New option in settings to toggle on 10 items for recently added sections (previously only had 4)
- Added option to switch between fanart and episode art in extra recently added info.

Changelog: 0.1.2 (01.05.2013)

- Frodo code update changed networksettings to servicesettings (line 166 settings.xml)
- Added previous view button to drop down menu in videos, pictures and music (lines 129,314,365 Includes_DropDownBar.xml)
- Fixed zbar bug (textures needed adjusting when zbar is turned off in postershelf view to hide gap where bar was located)
- Fixed rating off label in biglist view (Line 582 Includes_DropDownBar.xml).

Changelog: 0.1.1 (29.04.2013)

- Red Zbar now visible in postershelf view to keep in theme with all other views.
- New volume bar for playing video fullscreen.

Changelog: 0.1.0 (28.04.2013)

- Added update library to tvshow and movies submenu's.
- Added restart to home power submenu.
- Added spinning disc art to postershelf, posterwrap and posterfix views.
- Fixed plot height in postershelf view (some text was getting cut off at the bottom).
- Now in Postershelf view when mediaflags are turned off plot expands to fill up empty space where mediaflags were located.
Cheers mate, i'm still waiting for the ultimative aeon showmix Smile
Still working on it ? Fusion Migma is on stand by for the moment ...
haha i wish, no time what so ever for any skinning pregnant wife and a 2 year old boy keeps me busy all projects are on hold at the moment but wouldn't that be something to see showmix rise from the ashes.Nod
Arise from the dead and let some of use Gotham 13.2 users have a peek at this Skin....

If anyone wants to to use Zombie's v3 version of this Skin in Gotham 13.2, while frellAn works on a update to it and adds Helix compatibility as well - download from the skin from the link in post #1 and then unzip and replace the addon.xml file in the unzipped folder with the one below.

The skin.fusion.migma.v3.zombie folder will have to then be manually copied over to XBMC/addons/