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Full Version: Hockysteams Live Events Only Video plugin
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I created this plugin for my own usage to view live NHL games from hockeystreams.com but decides to release it to all in case others are interested in live games only. Note, premium account at hockeystreams.com is required for this plugin to be useful.

Caching to improve navigation performance and reduce api hits. Login is cached for 15 minutes, Events list is cached for 30 minutes and Streams list is cached for 10 minutes. The Events and Streams page has Refresh button to manually re-fetch content from the site as needed.
Display all available HD iStreams for each event for the choosing. Note its possible for an event to be listed but streams are present after event has started. This is because this plugin only supports HD iStreams and only SD streams are available for event (ie. AHL games) in question.
Display scores (can be disabled via settings) - Currently not using Scores API - Will be working on it soon.
Display only NHL events (can be disabled via settings)

I've created a repository which can be downloaded here. Then use the installed repo to install the plugin from video folder. Current version is 0.5.0. Repository is handy as it allows automated updates to the plugins (including the repo it self).

Please let me know of any issues. Be sure to provide log file which has debugging enabled. I've only tested it on XBMC 12.2 release on Windows and Openelec environments.

I've created Sportsstreams-Live plugin which combines hockeystreams.com and ballstreams.com.
See http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=167713