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Full Version: How to personal videos works with xbmc ?
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I'm quite new on Raspberry Pi Openelec. I have a lot of personal videos (children skiing, birthday, ...) and I would like to put them in the NAS, classify them and make them easily reachable using XBMC.
I create a smart playlist with criteria 'path==xxx' using the GUI. This playlist appears only in video => library => playlist => ...
It is not really a fastpath.
How do you implement it ? Do you create such kind of category (as Movies, TV Series, ...) ? And do you set this playlist to the category ?
I would like to handle in the same way fitness videos that I have and I would like to rip.
Could you help me ?
I've a raspberry Pi B 512M with OpenElec on an USB key. I've a FreeNAS 3.0-BETA2-X64 (R12317M) that host music, videos and images files. Freenas file system is ZFS.
OpenElec : Linux 3.8.7#1 PREEMPT Sat Apr 20 14:47:33 CEST 2013 / XBMC 12.2-PRE Git:f1106fc (Compiled: Apr 20 2013)
vendor OpenGL: Broadcom
version OpenGL: OpenGL ES 2.0
CPU: ARMV6-compatible processor rev 7 (v61)
Hardware BCM2708
Revision : 000e

Other question, For each personal video, what do you set instead of pictures, that you have for videos in order to have smart design ?
All the questions are around the same question. How to handle personal videos ?
Thank you for your help,
You can create nfo (wiki) files for each of your home movies so they can be scanned into your video library with the desired title, plot, genre, actor, etc. information. You can also include a <set> tag to group all your home movies together under a set name (e.g., "Home Movies") so they will be listed under this name in your library (see Movie_sets (wiki)).
It seems to fit my need. I'll test it this week-end.
Hello, I created directories as Medias/personnel/Japon/Voyage2006 and inside I put two AVI files Voyage2006_1.avi and Voyage2006_2.avi. I created with the same name two nfo files with:
<title>Voyage Japon en 2006 - partie 1</title>
<sorttitle> Nous au Japon en 2006 - 1</sorttitle>
I created a source video for "personnel" directory and I hit "c" key", I failed to associate a video category. There is no entries "personnel" created with, drama, comic, fantasy, ...
Did I do something wrong ?
If anyone could have a look on this nfo file or on the way I'm doing it and advise me, it would help me greatly.

Take a look at those instructions. Be sure to scan with the scraper listed on this page.
thanks. I followed the instructions. I was unable to associate fanart to my personal movie. But all other stuff work fine.
I was succesfull in creating a genre and cataloged my personal movies in it.
This is solved for me.
Thank you for your help,