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Full Version: Naming conventions and BR.iso questions
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a few quick questions:

1. It is a bit confusing to read that only the name and the year should be in the file name but then I see something like:Avatar (2009)-cd1.mkv
So is it possible and scrapeable to use someting like Pulp Fiction (1994) Blu-Ray 16.iso; or DVD or BR instead of BluRay and then even a rating like BBFC 16 or FSK 16 or MPAA R?

2. For TV Shows I noticed that iso's used to be non stackable in the wiki but now that entry is gone so can you have like 4 DVDs of one season be in one set played after each other? And will the scraper get episode data accordingly? The naming for iso's still has to be name.s01.e01.s01.e02.s01.03.iso etc. you can't abbriviate s01.e01-s01.e03.iso right?

3. In your opinon, what is the clearest, most succinct, and yet most informative way of nameing both movies and TV shows (while still being according to naming standards)?

4. Is it now possible to play Blu-Ray iso files with menus (and even BR Live) directly from XBMC? Otherwise can you easily mount them with Virtual CloneDrive and then play them with PowerDVD after selecting them in XBMC?

Thanks in advance for your help!
1. Things after the name and year should be ignored.

2. multiple episodes for one file/image is supported, which is different from stacking (multiple files for one video). It will scrape and display the data, but each entry will simply open the ISO. I believe that you can go directly to an episode within an ISO using improvements coming in XBMC v13.

3. Whatever works. I typically use "Episode name S01E01".

4. I don't think XBMC supports the fancy BR movies, but I don't have any BR discs.
Thanks a lot for your fast reply!

To your point 3. Episode name S01E01 is it not needed to place a period (.) between S01andE01 =S01.E01? Will the scraper also ignore everything after S01.S05...... etc.? So if I added S01.E05 DVD that would be ok as well?

Thanks again!
A period before the episode number could muck things up as I don't think that fits with the default regex so stick with S01E01 for tv episodes.

As for ISO the best way is

show name ( year) s01e01e02e03e04.iso
Thanks for the great, fast support!
Hi again and sorry to bring up a simple naming post again but I was just wondering how release years should be implemented with TV series.
Do you put the release date of the season after the title (for ex. XY (1994) s1e1.... XY (1995) s2e1.... XY (1996) s3....) or is it just when the whole series was first released and that goes unchanged for the seasons (XY (1994) s1e1.... XY (1994) s2e1.... XY (1994) s3....)?

How would that apply to series that have been translated (a year or two later) and you would like the scraping info to also be from the translated set do you go by air date in that foreign country (for ex: AY (1996) s1e1.... AY (1997) s2e1.... AY (1998) s3....)? Or first airdate in the foreign country unchanged (for ex: AY (1996) s1e1.... AY (1996) s2e1.... AY (1996) s3....)? Or do you go with the original air date (if so how can the scraper even get foreign language info)?

And if this all has to also do with .nfo files, should you let a scraper run through, create those files and then manipulate them? Or/and is there a good, powerful yet simple to use gui editior for .nfo files?

Thanks for your help.
It's all down to the source the scraper is using, so in most cases http://thetvdb.com/

Normally you don't need to bother with the year, it's usually only when there's two or more variants using the same name where it becomes vital and then the year is normally the year in which that series commences. The well know examples are probably:

Doctor Who - the classic series - see http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=76107&lid=7

Doctor Who (2005) - the new run - see http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=78804&lid=7

Battlestar Galactica (1978) - the 70's series - see http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=71173&lid=16

Battlestar Galactica (2003) - the re-imagined series - see http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=73545&lid=7
With TV-Shows, it is only needed to add the year to the main folder of the tv-show
The scraper matches the first folder beneath the source to the Tv-showname, then looks for season/episode numbers in the video files under that folder

/TV-Shows/Doctor Who (2005)/Madness/Why.call.your.folder.this/I.made.this.up.S01E01.avi
/TV-Shows/Doctor Who (2005)/No_season_folder_S01E02_lots_of_text.behind.this.season.numbering.avi
/TV-Shows/Doctor Who (2005)/Season 2/Wrong_season_folder_S01E03.avi

All of the above would be scraped fine if you add /Tv-Shows/ as source with thetvdb as scraper.
More info here: Video_library/Naming_files/TV_shows (wiki)

There are only two things that are important:
- Is your folder called the same as the tvshow name on TheTVDB.org ?
- does every video file contain one of the allowed season/episode naming schemes ?

If you need a specific language and you can't manage to scrape it correctly then i think the easiest way is to look up that language version on thetvdb, and add the url to the tvshow to a tvshow.nfo as explained on the bottom of this page: NFO_files/tvshows (wiki)