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Full Version: Frodo translation for core confluence and internal addons are closed
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Hi all !

I have merged ALL your new translations done on the Frodo branch to the new XBMC-Main (Gotham) project. So NO translation gets lost (hopefully :-) )
Yes, Welsh is there again :-)

From now on, I closed translation of core, Confluence, internal addons at the Frodo project. I'll pull in the translations to the Frodo branch for a last time (no decision on a 12.3 release yet). Please note that the rest of the addons exist in the Frodo Translation project remain there for the moment and you can work on them. I will move them to the Addons project soon.

Please concentrate your work on the new (Gotham) project from now. There are plenty of translatable stuff arrived into master.
Link: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/xbmc-main/

Thanks for the hard work, just drop me a mail if you have any questions.