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Full Version: Simple Bash Script AddOn
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I want to create a simply add-on that I can run bash scripts from, and have this add-on listed on the Programs page, or even better the Sub-Menu of the Programs menu item, as I use the Aeon Nox v4 skin.

I dont get the end-to-end structure, and installation technique to complete this, though I have picked up threads from elsewhere.

Following someone's else guide, I duplicated the ~/.xbmc/addons/script.backup directory. I then edited default.py to simply read:

import os
os.system('sh /home/xbmc/Scripts/xbmctvheadend.sh restart')

Then edited the addon.xml to include some of my own details. Left the URLs that were there before in place, as not sure what to do with them.

How do I now test it, and also add it to the menu's?

Additionally, how can I call this addon with a parameter as well? Then I could use 1 addon to run any and all my scripts within XBMC. The parameter would be the full path to the script, plus any parameters that script call requires as well.

Many thanks