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Full Version: Serie showing Disc instead of Episodes?
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Hey there

I have a few different serie. Some of them is .MKV or .AVI and there is no problem with this solution. My problem is when i have some serie that is DVD .iso. Then it wont show up under the season at all. So is there a work around or am i doing something wrong? i can easily get the Disc1 or Disc2 to show if i rename it to S01.E01 but that is totally wrong and i dont want to rename every damn disc i got. So i really dont care if it cant count the episodes on the disc but just showing that this is a disc 1 from season 1 could be nice.
Only way out afaik is to do custom nfo's then but to be quite honest, renaming the files would probably be easier and faster
So there is no way to get XBMC to show Disc 1 / Disc 2 / Disc 3? There must be other people who got Serie in iso format?
why not RIP the DVD/ISO and the use (TheRenamer)
Well i would love not to waste time on doing something like that, to keep it so simple as possibel and not waste to much time edit or redo alot of stuff. For me it seems weird that it cannot show D01 D02 but Episodes works fine. I can understand from the point that i doesnt know how many episodes there is in the disc, but i dont really care about that. Also there is a big problem when i have .rar files, i cant just rename the folder and it will work.is there really not a solution to fix it with and addon? i love XBMC and used it for 10 years now, but i just changed every TV show to .DVDS and every Movies til bluray and now i have alot of problems with it :-\\\
Custom nfo's will do that. Then you can name it disc01, or d01
Still alot of work i think, but can you show a guide howto? :-)