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Full Version: Poor video performance on new Intel Nuc
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Hey guys,

I have taken the plunge and purchased an Intel Nuc with 1.1mhz celeron, 4gb ram and a 64gb ssd.

I've installed xbmc via openlec and all is working fine.
I have located and scanned the movie files (mainly .mkv's) on my Synology NAS and all OK.

Its when I play the films that I get a problem in that they only get about 10-20 secs in and then they hang and then xbmc takes me back the movie wall.

The files all play OK off the NAS to my windows PC that is running xbmc so I am now concerned that the NUC isn't up to the task.....any ideasHuh


Debug log (wiki) needed.


Latest try was The dark knight.

Thanks for the help
Hmm, it's using software decoding instead of hardware decoding.

*digs around*

Ah, I thought I remembered there being an issue with the Celeron NUC. Should be fixed in OpenELEC 3.1. Here's a test build you can use that should be pretty good: http://openelec.tv/get-openelec/download...load/5/146
Thanks for the help, will give it a go when back from work and let you know how I get on.

Still getting the same results.


Anything else I could try??
Is it possible that you have set deinterlacing to ON?
Also set Audio setup to Analog for a test.
Doubt it as I left the settings as standard when I updated the test version except for the audio as I send this via HDMI to my AV Receiver

I will have a check later and also try the Analog and let you know.
I have had a check and De-Interlacing is set to OFF.
I also changed the Audio setup to Analog , this seems to have improved this slightly as the film run for longer than before but then crashed, I did notice that before it crashed it came up with a buffering notice?
I am going to try and put a film on a USB stick tonight after work just to check that it isn't anything to do with my network.

In the meantime any other things I can try to help improve the playback?
Just a thought would updating the Bios on this help as I haven't touched this yet?
ok guys I have checked if all is ok when I play a file that is on an external hard drive and not over the network and this plays absolutely fine, I can play pause, FF, edit subs e.t.c without any problems.

As stated previously the files are stored on my Synology NAS so any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I now know the NUC can handle the movies I just need to get it streaming them from the NAS..
Also I noticed on the Debugging text that when the films crash the FPS rate rises from 24 to around 60, not sure if this is relevant or not??

The bios update has fixed it.
All working and very happy.

Thanks for the help