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Full Version: Apple Keyboard + XBMCbuntu[12.2 Nvidia-intel]
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Hi There.

I got a small quiestion regarding an apple keyboard + xbmcbuntu [12.2 Nvidia-intel]

Is it possible to connect an Apple keyboard like this one Apple Keyboard on the XBMCbuntu [12.2 Nvidia-intel]

The reason why im asking is because im thinking of buying this keyboard, its small, pretty, fits nice to my livingroom.

I hope you can help me...

Thank you in advanced Blush
My question is can it run on the XBMCbuntu (Like dirvers etc) or is it not compatiple with this OS?

Hope for some answers thanks.
It's a standard bluetooth keyboard. It will work. There are some quirks here and there, like if you want FN keys to be default over media keys, but there's lots of guides on how to tweak it however you want on Ubuntu.
I will give it a try and reply if its working Smile