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Full Version: Episode Matching Regex Help Needed
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I'm new to XBMC, and just getting to grips with the regex syntax used. All of my TV shows are named with a common naming convention designed to look clean on any DLNA system, as follows:

SS-EE - Episode Title.avi

Where SS is always a two digit season number and EE is always a two digit Episode Number, ie:

01-13 - Episode Title.avi

all files are organised in a Structure as follows: Show Name\Season 01\ XBMC is picking this structure up just fine.

The regex I have tried to use is as follows (but isn't working)

<tvshowmatching action="prepend">

any help appreciated
D'oh, just realized there's two locations for userdata, works perfectly now.

are there any hidden settings I can specify to control how the episode and season numbers are displayed on XBMC? I'd like to mirror my file naming standards, rather than the 1x02 style.