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Full Version: Options for decreasing size of data stored on tablet
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I've got XBMC installed on my daughter's android table (Nabi 2). She told me she was running out of space and noticed that XBMC was taking up quite a bit of space. I'm guessing that most of this is thumbnails. What are my options for reducing space on the tablet besides reducing the number of elements in the libraries? Is there a way for XBMC to store lower resolution images? Should I go the route of a centralized MYSQL database? Does that serve up images as needed? How far off is the UPNP server that will replace the MYSQL database?
You don't need an entire MySQL server set up. You can just use path subs (wiki). You can also decrease the size of thumbs using advancedsettings.xml (wiki). The actual library/db files are small, even for large libraries. Also, uninstall any unused skins.
Exactly what I was needing. Thanks for the information!