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Full Version: Cannot scrape from themoviedb
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Just get "unable to contact remote server" when I try to add a movie to the library on my ATV1. Was working fine last time I added a movie (admittedly, this was probably a few weeks ago; I've mainly been adding TV shows)

IMDB stopped working for me a good while ago, so I switched to themoviedb from the scraper list (which was only those two), but now it just gives the message it can't download movie info and unable to contact remote server.

I've switched to RottenTomatoes for the time being, which seems to be the only other one that is working.

Any ideas? I checked the isitdown website, which reports it as fine, and also I can access themoviedb.org no problem from my browser. Had a quick look on their twitter feed but didn't see anything about it not working...

Thanks Smile