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Full Version: tv scaping not working since June 9th nightly
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Since June 9th's build (for me at least, running OSX) TV scraping is not working, movie scraping works fine.
Any build after this date fails to add new episodes, the log shows an error about "could not enumerate file" and that's about it, it does not seem o try to contact a web service for data, it just seems unable to even read the file, although of course, the file is detected, the filename is shown in the logs.

I'm sitting at the last build that works for me right now, which is version git:20130607-4317cf3 (compiled June 8 2013). I've tried almost every build since then and they all seem to have the same problem.

I expect breakage in daily builds, it's not an issue but I wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issues. Is there a way I can see what changes were made to the source for between build 4317cf3 and the one after it?

funny how bothering to make a forum post will give me the kick needed to try harder at fixing this!
I worked out how to view commits by date on github (it's very easy, I'm just not familiar with github) There were quite a few for June 8/9 but i found this one https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/7909...a524e9d23c

That shouldnt have been the cause, but it is. My regex in advanced settings is
<regexp>Season[\._ ]([0-9]+)[\\/]([0-9]+(?:(?:[a-i]|\.[1-9])(?![0-9]))?)([^\\/]*)$</regexp>

and my file structure is /Television/Show/Season 1/01 title so the uppercase "S" in "Season" is the same in the regex and the file system. This should (and before June 9, did) match. After the removal of the code for force the regex to lower case, it no longer matches files. I've changed my regex to <regexp>season.... and it now works.

This does not seem correct, as I've set the regex to something other than the structure of the files.
Clearly lowercasing the supplied regex is incorrect, so the commit is valid, but why does "Season" not match "Season" whereas "season" does?
It's because XBMC also internally lowercases your file structure anyway before the regex is run.

So to XBMC your "Season" has always looked like "season", and before with the regex being lowercased too, it worked, but now it doesn't.

Although, the change was made on the assumption that the regex was being run caseless anyway, so there shouldn't have been any difference... But clearly it isn't.

That should be a pretty easy fix code-wise, I think. Just a matter of changing
CRegexp reg;
CRegexp reg(true);
in CVideoInfoScanner::EnumerateEpisodeItem in VideoInfoScanner.cpp (line 874).
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
Should be fixed in the latest nightly (20130701-c6dc638) if you want to test.