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Full Version: Intel NUC w/ OPENELEC help
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Hello everyone,

Hopefully this hasn't been asked before, and if so, I apologize.

The other day I bought the Intel NUC DC3217IYE and installed 8 GB of DDR3 1600 memory. I installed OPENELEC to a flash drive as instructed. Also, the NUC is connected to Gigabit internet and has the most current BIOS.

I probably don't have the most ideal scenario for this. I have a WD 3TB My Book hooked up to a Win 8 computer in a different room, and that is where all my HD Movies and TV Shows are stored.

Videos play just fine over the gigabit network. They start up pretty much instantly and 1080P w/ bitstreamed DTS-HD MA or Dolby True-HD Audio is no problem.

The problem I'm having is library updates take FOREVER...especially TV shows. Even if I add only one new episode to a given series, it will take a minimum of 1/2 hour to update.

If I open the library on the Win 8 PC and update the library, it scrapes pretty much instantly. Granted, the external HD is connected to that PC so that's probably why its so fast. But still, if I transfer files from a different PC connected to the same gigabit LAN to the external drive connected to the Win 8 PC, the average transfer speed is about 80-90 Mbps.

I've tried exporting library on the Win 8 PC, with hopes of importing on the NUC, but unless I'm missing something, there doesn't appear to be an option or way to import over SMB.

So I'm thinking it's either a limitation on how I have things setup, OR the fact that the NUC is running OPENELEC on a flash drive and only has USB2.0. I'm trying to avoid buying an mSata SSD and Win 8, but if there's no way around the insanely long library update, then I may have to.

Does anyone have suggestions on things to try to speed this up?? Thanks in advance and apologies if this post is confusing!

debug log (wiki) will give us more info. USB2 shouldn't be that slow, but sometimes the USB drives themselves have slow chips inside.