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Full Version: Broadcom before or after XBMC
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I like to install a Broadcom BCM970015 in ATv2.

Do I install the card before or after I install XBMC? Or does it not matter?

Doesn't matter. If it's there, XBMC will detect it. If not, XBMC will still work. Be sure to use Crystalbuntu (wiki) or OpenELEC (wiki) to get the most out of the ATV1 + BCHD.
But this is an ATV2, but suppose it'll work the same.

However, it seems I am out of luck.
The box is running v5.3 and there is no cure for that yet as far as I can find :-(

I assumed you meant ATV1. You cannot physically install any hardware in an ATV2. ATV1 and ATV2 are two totally different machines.
Thanks again
I'll just wait for a cure fro v5.3 then and maybe look around to buy an old atv1 box for my broadcom card