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Full Version: Xbox 360 Controller - Erratic behavoior on start.
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When first starting the Xbox 360 wireless controller after XBMC has loaded or bringing it out of sleep in the middle of a movie, it always seems to send roge keypresses to XBMC causing some erratic behavior. For instance, on the main menu when holding the guide button for a few seconds to turn on the controller, the system will suddenly think I'm mashing the enter key constantly and keep trying to open stuff. When doing this in the middle of a movie, the system keeps rapidly pausing and un-pausing the movie until I hit an input. Is this a known issue? Is there anyway I can stop any keypresses being sent when turning on the controller?

System: Ion OpenELEC release: ION.x86_64-3.0.6
Logfile: http://pastebin.com/L1vUsLC3