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Full Version: Downloading artwork for entire library without replacing existing artwork?
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I got an odd problem with artwork in general (AFIAK, only DVD/Bluray disc cover art was impacted). I got quite a number of library items that either has DVD/Bluray disc covert art correctly being shown, and others that don't.

This happened when I upgraded from Eden to Frodo. Specifically: for the TV library items, it shows the content of wide banners inside where the disc cover art would go (badly squished). For the movies, Confluence skin shows all disc cover artwork correctly, but not in Quartz. But it gets fixed in Quartz if I "refresh" artwork for a single movie.

This FAQ mentions a way to refresh entire library - which is removing source, saying 'yes' to removing all items from library, then adding source back, to have everything re-scanned.

What would this do to exist artwork I have already downloaded? There are lots of items and I don't necessarily want to have those artwork files be replaced with the most recent/newest ones (I like my own selections).

Basically, I want the equivalent of what happens for a single item: XBMC asking "Local contents found, ignore and replace from Internet?" (or something to that effect), and me answering "No" (thus downloading missing stuff but not replacing existing) - but for the entire library. Possible?
XBMC won't delete your local artwork.

If your local artwork is correctly named, then removing the source and adding it back will be fine - it should use your local artwork in preference to any other version that may exist on the internet.

You will lose your watched status by removing the source, though you can backup/restore watched status with various addons (including this script).
Scripts or addons are not specifically needed to keep your watched status.

Quote:a) export you library to seperate files.
=> Go to System/Settings -> Video -> Library and select Export library
=> Select Multiple files or Seperate, depending on your version of XBMC

b) When rescraping make sure to have added importwatchedstate in your advancedsettings.
You will reimport your watched state from the exported NFO files.

Both are explained here: Import-export_library (wiki)
Yes, however the problem is his library seems to be a little messed up so not sure if there is much value in exporting it - if he wants to start from scratch, then backing up just the watched status can be useful so that it can be restored later once the library has been re-scraped.