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Full Version: XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
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I actually ran into this too. Local streaming was decent (6.5 Mpbs, even though I have a 50/25 fiber connection), but remote streaming was around 3 Mbps. After digging around for hours, I finally found a solution. The problem is Apache (XAMPP), throttling the connection. The following unthrottles it (mostly):

You need to open up regedit and browse to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > AFD > Parameters

You need to create TWO DWORD values "DefaultReceiveWindow" and "DefaultSendWindow"

You then set both these values using DECIMAL (not Hex) using this formula:

DefaultReceiveWindow = (Download Capacity in Kilobits * 1024) / 8
DefaultSendWindow = (Upload Capacity in Kilobits * 1024) / 8

For example, for a 10Mbit (10000Kbit) upload and download:

DefaultReceiveWindow = (10000 * 1024) / 8 = 1280000
DefaultSendWindow = (10000 * 1024) / 8 = 1280000

Taken from https://community.apachefriends.org/f/vi...16&t=47453 .

Once you make the registry change above, you'll need to reboot.

I didn't think it would do anything, but it does. I can now stream at around 15 Mbps, which is still not full speed, but adequate for streaming video purposes.

Ah, Windows. I guess that's why I never ran into this issue. Thanks for the instructions though, I'll keep this mind and put a link to your post in the README.
The buffering times isn't as concerning to me I'm willing to wait. Looking through my log files there seems to be an issue connecting to certain files. They are getting ffmpeg errors and either not loading at all or cutting out within a second or two.
@wilburstyle06: regarding you logs, at least the 8-Mile file seems to be broken, that's why it can't play it. Can you even play it directly in XBMC? If you can play it there but not through the web interface you should open a new thread about it since it doesn't have anything to do with this application in particular.
Yes it plays fine with no issues both when I play it directly off the computer and when I stream it through your application on a local network. The errors only show up when streaming to a outside network. This seems to happen to many different files in my collection.
You should open a new thread about it, though I suspect it's simply a bandwidth issue.
I fllowed the steps in the install guide but at the end if i go to 192.168.*.**/xbmc-video-server i get a 404 Page... Huh
@John.cord what operating system did you install it on? Are you sure you followed the steps exactly?
I may have found a fix for other people that might have bandwidth issues
My Bandwidth is around average, 16mbps download/ 1mbps upload speed but not slow enough for all the errors I was getting.
A solution i found was Modifying the video cache, definitely speeds up the buffering times and I didn't get the errors anymore

I'm having some strange issues as well, hopefully there's something I'm missing. I have a 75/35 connection and I'm having trouble getting files to download or stream at all -- it often cuts out after 1-2 seconds of streaming or 3mb of downloading. I've updated to the gotham beta and then gotham nightly but both have the same result: even when connecting over LAN on my laptop (both when the backend is configured with a local IP and an external IP) I cannot get a single file to playback or download fully. Accessing the video server from the same PC (win 8.1 64-bit, with the video cache change willburstyle06 and the regedit foulfoot suggested) works flawlessly, and using XBMC or OSX file sharing to connect normally to the PC (upnp or smb shares) works fine.

I've had the same issue on external networks connecting in.. on both windows 8 and osx external machines.

So, if it isn't the bandwidth available..(other applications work) and it isn't completely incorrectly configured (i can access the web interface just fine) ... i'm not quite sure where to look next. I appreciate any assistance.
@snatch22: what operating system is XBMC Video Server installed on?
Windows 8.1 64-bit Smile
Edit: nevermind.
I can browse to localhost/xbmc-video-server alright, but that just brings up a standard apache index/folder landing page.
From the installation instructions, it sounds like I'm supposed to be presented with a login prompt and a wizard-style backend setup process. What am I missing?

The only error/warning from the installation was the message below when running php composer.phar install, but a php composer.phar update cleared it up...

php composer.phar install
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies (including require-dev) from lock file
Warning: The lock file is not up to date with the latest changes in composer.json. You may be getting outdated dependencies. Run update to update them.
Nothing to install or update
Generating autoload files
@lowmoon: you must have missed a step regarding the Apache configuration. Did you properly edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/default and run a2enmod rewrite expires? You'll have to restart Apache after doing any of those changes.

You can ignore the composer warnings, it's supposed to say that. It means it's downloading the exact versions of all dependencies instead of whatever version is the latest. This is a way to ensure that everyone who installs the software gets the same dependency versions as the developer developed against.