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Full Version: XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
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Updates 2.5.2014:
  • translation support has been added in a separate branch, hopefully there will be support for at least one non-English language soon
  • fixed layout breakage when a media item had a title spanning more than three lines
  • added ability for users to change their own password
Would it be possible to add an SQL back-end for this ? I know it's probably a long shot but it would be awesome Smile

(Instead of using an online xbmc instance)
Explanation, I only have an RPI for my xbmc 24/7. And the web server where i use this is an headless machine, so would it be possible to use the back-end MySQL library instead of destroying the RPI when getting files that would be awesome!
@plumbum: unfortunately no, this thing depends completely on XBMC running in the background.
@negge damn :/ Do you know if there is a similar project where one does not need to have a running instance of xbmc ?

Also this project totally rocks! And it looks amazing.
AFAIK there are no equivalent alternatives, though in theory it could be possible to get some of the functionality by using the XBMC database (if MySQL is used). That is outside the scope of this project though I'm afraid.
Hi there...

New here on the forum.

Locking around for different solutions for myself...
Maybe this http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1703115 can be a solution to make a combination.

In the process to test my self.

I have just installed and testing the video web server and gets an error 500, "MovieFilter and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "getMovieNames". " when selecting Movies, Browse. Movies, Recently added works. Other menu items works as of now and I can start watching movies.

I'm on latest ubuntu server for the web server and my backend for this test is on Mint 16 and latest XBMC from PPA. i also have latest ubuntu server with Mariadb 10 on seperate VM. Browsing and viewing from other XBMC machines work.
Sorry about that, I pushed some careless commits recently which broke a few things. I'll push a fix later and post an update here.

@tottelin: I just updated the repository, run a "git pull" inside the xbmc-video-server directory (or follow the update instructions in the README) to get the fix. Sorry for ruining your first experience!
@negge: Works like charm..

Thank you for good work!!
Is there any chance of an OpenELEC add-on for this one day?

Would make the installation a lot easier and bring it into the mainstream Smile
@Zag: I'll have to look into that, it depends whether all the required software is available (I know php is at least). It would indeed be a good way to get a bit bigger audience. Thanks for the suggestion!
I'm having the same issue ziggurat seemed to be having. New 14.04 reinstalled it but i put the folder directly in /var/www instead of /var/www/html, changed some of the configs around to point to that. It's just giving me the index view but another page i have in the same location is working fine. Not sure why it's doing this.
@cones post the output from /var/log/apache2/error.log. I tested 14.04 in a VM and it worked just fine with the default locations. Remember to restart Apache if you haven't done so after modifying 000-default.conf.
Don't see anything wrong. http://pastebin.com/ZC4iBsjj
Could you paste a screenshot of the index page?
Update 14.5.2014
  • French translation, which means it's possible to change the language of the application. The language can be changed either from the settings or individually by each user
  • Some performance improvements (mainly to fix performance regressions since I last ran a profiler)
  • Added a CONTRIBUTING.md file to the project with some details on how you can contribute


Like I said some time ago I've been working on getting transcoding support integrated. The code is still in a very early stage but I've decided to push what I have to Github. The code is available at https://github.com/Jalle19/xbmc-video-se...ranscoding. The way it works is that an avconv process is spawned on the server with the parameters determined by the transcoder preset. The video data is piped to stdout, which is then fed to the browser, making a specific URL appear as a HTML5 video.

Here's a brief description on the current state
  • There is a concept of "transcoder presets". One preset means one format to transcode the video into. As you know there is no single HTML5 video standard so you'll usually need two separate formats (VP8/Vorbis and MP4/AAC) to support all devices.
  • Only VP8/Vorbis is supported at the moment
  • Transcoding is only supported for movies, and only for those that are a single file only
  • All of this only works on Linux. To make it work you'll need to install "avconv" and make sure the "avconv" command is available on the command-line
  • It is not possible to skip/rewind/jump in the video. Pausing works though.
  • From my limited testing some kind of timeout is reached after 10 minutes of watching which stalls the playback. I have yet to figure out the underlying issue.
  • From time to time the transcoder stays on in the background, consuming resources.

If you decide to try it out, please add an issue to Github instead of commenting here if something doesn't work. I'll try to fix and improve the support as best I can, but I am not able to give any kind of timetable.

If anyone has experience with this kind of stuff and is willing to help out, pull requests are always welcomed!