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Full Version: XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
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In your case it should probably be _http://bertybassett.no-ip.org:21311/xbmc-vfs/smb%3a%2f%2f192.168.0.100%2fmedia%2fMovies%2f720p%2fAlien%2fAlien.mkv
Getting closer had to add /xbmc-vfs into the backend proxy. I was putting my DDNS in by mistake.
Should it be

AllowEncodedSlashes On

<Location /xbmc-vfs>
ProxyPass http://bertybassett.no-ip.org:21311/vfs
ProxyPassReverse http://bertybassett.no-ip.org:21311/vfs
RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic eGJtYzp4Ym1j"


AllowEncodedSlashes On

<Location /xbmc-vfs>
ProxyPass http://bertybassett.no-ip.org:2359/vfs
ProxyPassReverse http://bertybassett.no-ip.org:2359/vfs
RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic eGJtYzp4Ym1j"

The url looks correct now


so it has to be reverse proxy
The port should be whatever port XBMC is using, so probably 2359 in your case.
next question should it be

ProxyPass http://bertybassett.no-ip.org:2359/vfs


You can safely use the IP address (the internal), that way you don't need any hosts file hacks.
then it definitely the reverse proxy business everything else is correct now. More investigation is needed.

BTW big thanks for holding my hand through all this.
thanks for all the help but I gave up on the reverse proxy idea and just using steam whatever.no-ip.com as my backend host name. Yeah I know it exposes my username and password but it is only going to be me using it so who cares.
Sorry you couldn't get it to work. Lots of people have had problems with the setup and it really is quite difficult unless you use a vanilla Linux distribution since everyone likes to package Apache differently which means the configuration files are never the same from one system to another. Understanding how the proxying actually works under the hood is also essential if you have to troubleshoot any configuration issues, which I understand is not something everyone does.

If someone knows how to configure it properly on a Synology then please, feel free to share the steps required.

@bertybasset before you give up completely, can you tell me what happens if you go to Do you get a blank page or something else?
LOL, yeah too right 2 days in total but I am now happy. Anyways thanks for the kind words, so glad I got something working. I have got other things like CouchPotato and SickRage to reverse proxy in the past, I must be doing something wrong.

Do you want me to make some instructions with pretty pictures for the rubbish way of setting it up? gets me the XBMC web frontend as you would expect.
@bertybassett it's not supposed to do that, you should get an empty page if you browse to /vfs. What if you browse to /jsonrpc, do you get a bunch of text?

Can you create an account on Github if you don't have one already and continue the wiki page for the Synology? I started it based on this other guys instructions (the one with the complicated nick) but never finished it cause I couldn't get the lastest DSM installed in a VM.
will do later in the week.

Correction gets me a blank web page gets me

loads of script starting with

"description": "JSON-RPC API of XBMC",
Did you use port 7543 in the proxy configuration? Or 2953?
swapped when I was having problems, so I tried both
Browsing to /xbmc-vfs on the Apache port should also get you a blank page for that matter if the proxy is working