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Full Version: XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
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First, thanks for the great job you did!

Second : i have bandwith performence problems. My connection is 300/50 mb/s, but when i try to download or stream i got 100 to 200ko/s maximum...
If i try to download via FTP i got my normal bandwith.

On my local network, i don't get gigabyte transfert via xbmc video server but it's better than frm external.
With windows file transfert i have about 110mo/s which is correct. So i can say that my local network is good.

Any ideas?


1. What operating system are you using?

2. What speeds do you get on your local network?

3. Does it make any difference if you configure a reverse proxy or not (see the wiki for instructions)?
(2014-09-15, 12:22)negge Wrote: [ -> ]@slash88

1. What operating system are you using?

2. What speeds do you get on your local network?

3. Does it make any difference if you configure a reverse proxy or not (see the wiki for instructions)?

1 - Windows 7 x64 (video server+ xbmc)
2 - I'll tell you tonight i'm at office but i can remember that i had about 2 or 3 mo/s and somethimes more like 6 or 7mo/s.
3. Same as above, only thing i can tell you is that reverse proxy is currently activated.
I've made a little from work:

Ftp : 650ko/s (maximum of download bandwith)
Download option through xbmc video server : 75ko/s.
Can you put some large file somewhere under the "htdocs" folder and try downloading that? Compare those speeds to what you get when you download it on your internal network. If it differs a lot it's either your router that somehow sucks or your ISP that is doing some form of traffic shaping.
I think so, but i did some test on local network:
Without reverse proxy: around 20-25mo/s
With reverse proxy : 10-12mo/s
It's really weird.
ftp: 110mo/s
windows file transfert : 110mo/s

I don't have another internet access for tests...
That's strange, the fact that it doesn't go any faster than 20-25 MB/s (I assume that's what you mean when you say "mo/s") without a reverse proxy means that XBMC's internal web server can't serve it faster than that. The fact that it's a bit slower with reverse proxy in use is understandable but I don't know if there is any way to fix the problem if XBMC can't send the data any faster. I have a feeling this is a Windows-specific issue since the only people who have had problems with download/streaming speeds have been Windows users as far as I can tell.

Just to rule everything out, are the files you've tried to download through XBMC Video Server located physically on the same drive that you've tried FTP/Windows file transfer from?
Yeah, sorry, I'm french we use "octets" for "Bytes" so yes it's 20MB/s.
Yes, i tried to download the same files with ftp and xbmc video server. I tried to download files located on each disk : no impact on performances.

I'll be for 3 weeks out of home from today, so i'll be able to do some tests with external access.

However, withtout proxy i have a better upload, i'll see if it has an impact on external access.

May be my ISP is doing traffic control :/ I'll call them to be sure.
hey negge i got it all working thanks for the help! Would you be able to point me to the right direction for something? I want to make it so when i click stream playlist that it just automatically starts streaming in the browser instead of using a media player, like embeded vlc in the browser or something.

i know i can just click the stream then choose my browser in the list of appilcations but is there a way to make it so it will just automatically do that?

im mostly trying to share my stuff with my parents and want to make it as simple as possible for them.
At the moment it's not possible. I recommend setting VLC as the default handler for M3U files, then use the Watch as playlist button to start streaming a movie with VLC.

I'm thinking of adding a simple in browser player that would be selectable when the media is in a format that browsers are known to be able to handle. It'll work if your files are MP4 with H.264/AAC.
CHANGELOG.md Wrote:#### 1.6.9
* show a friendlier error message when "Update library" is clicked and the backend is unconnectable
* log the full request body when an API call produces an error. This makes debugging easier.
* add ability to play compatible files directly in the browser
* performance improvements, especially on the movie browse page
* fixed incorrect URL in the backend form

The in-browser playback support is only offered when the file has H.264/AAC as video/audio codec and the container is MP4 (determined by looking at the filename, if you use .m4v or some other non-standard you'll have to rename your files or open an issue on Github). I've tested with Palemoon, Chrome, IE11 and Chrome on Android and it seems to work fine, though I haven't tested watching an entire movie using this method. If something doesn't work for you, please open an issue on Github.

The movie index page should be slightly faster with the latest update (make sure you follow the update instructions on the wiki, it's not enough to run just "git pull"). I've upstreamed some performance improvements to one of the library used under the hood, plus added some harmless caching here and there.
@publisacman: give the latest version a try, if your files are MP4 your parents should be able to just click "Watch in browser" to start watching something.
alright awesome Big Grin when trying to update i get this cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied

ok i got it Tongue
CHANGELOG.md Wrote:#### 1.6.10
* include the address when logging login attempts
* update icons in the watch modal dialog
* enable the "Watch in browser" button for H.264/AAC/MKV files too since they work in Chrome
* added missing logging when the "Watch in browser" button is clicked
hey there im having problems with the watch in browser button. I used a really simple software to convert to mp4 and it worked for that episode but now im using handbrake since it can queue up and convert a lot of files. The files im converting with this software doesnt seem to work i tried mp4 and now mkv (is mkv also called matroska video or something?) with the new update today. Anything more specific i need to know when converting? Any plans on having avi files enabled as well?