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Full Version: [XBMCbuntu] Duplicate library entries after changing source - how to remove?
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As I had some frequent issues with my SMB video sources (not showing up after the NAS was down for example), I did the following:

1 - Edit the TV Show source
2 - Added network location: SMB://<ip-address>
3 - Choose that network location and correct folder as source
4 - Rescanned the lot

However, I now have duplicates of all TV Shows and movies. I did an export of my library and see that my entries are indeed listed twice in the XML. Eg:

<filenameandpath>smb:// Monkeys 1995/12 Monkeys 1995.ISO</filenameandpath>
<filenameandpath>smb://NASSB/Volume_2/Movies/12 Monkeys 1995/12 Monkeys 1995.ISO</filenameandpath>

As I want to refer only to the direct IP SMB share, I want to remove the ones that direct to the named one (NASSB).
I tried library cleanup, but to no avail....both entries remain to exist.

How can I clean up the library again, so I only have the sources left referring directly to the NAS IP?
Readd smb://NASSB/Volume_2/Movies/12 Monkeys 1995/12 Monkeys 1995.ISO as a source, after that restart xbmc and remove it as a source, when prompted to clean library or however it's worded answer yes to remove files from this source.
Will try, thanks. I suppose you mean readding next to the direct IP one? So create two sources, restart, than remove the readded source again?
Worked, thanks!