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Full Version: Awesome project. Thanks! Noob help needed.
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I can get SNES working fine but am having issues with PSX emulators. Was wondering if someone had a writeup for it? I have the bios file in the Cue/Bin directory but I am getting an Error opening XXX.cue (Medafen) and a reboot using rearmed.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Many thanks!
This is probably due to the several parts of RetroArch I haven't fully emulated in RetroPlayer yet. This basically means I'll have to dig through RetroArch's source code and port some minor differences over to our player, and probably make some changes to their end as well. In the end, XBMC should hope to support as many features as RetroArch, like swapping PSX discs and stuff. Gotta wait til I have more time Smile and less if someone wants to help out.
Mednafen doesn't support as many formats as other emulators, I can't remember which formats exactly but it would be worth checking the mednafen documentation or forums. Despite that its still the best psx emulator I have used so far...
Appreciate the quick response! Thanks for the info. Really hoping this gets standardized in the main builds Smile
I got it working. WOOHOO. anyway to configure emu settings like stretch to fit screen or screen interpolation?
those should be just DVDPlayer settings, try hitting adding a <z>AspectRatio</z> entry to the <FullscreenGame> node in keyboard.xml. Then Z would change the aspect ratio (stretch/zoom), just like while watching a video. Lemme know if you need help with that