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Full Version: Airtunes drops Audio ?
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I've some issue using Airtunes on XBMC. Here is a description:

NUC Intel Celeron 847
Audio + Video: HDMI intel HD
AV Denon 1911

xubuntu 13.04
XBMC frodo 12.2 (ppa:wsnipex/vaapi)

Problem description:
step 1. launch XBMC
step 2. launch movie
=>> I get sound
step 3. launch airtunes and stream music (ipad / iphone / itunes)
=>> I see spectrometer activity, artwork + track name are correct but I don't get any sound

Note: I also don't get any sound if I avoid step 2, i.e. start XBMC (step1) and launch airtunes stream (step3)

I found 2 workarounds:
  • I go to System > System > Audio output. I change the "audio output device" value and switch it back to the initial value
  • I restart my denon AV

How to make it work without one of the above mentioned workaround ?

My debug log (airplay debug log enabled) is available here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5859687/

Thanks in advance for your replies!