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Full Version: Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)
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I've been attempting to use the "Launch Addon" feature but so far have been unsuccessful. I can map it to a key, but then pressing the key does nothing. Currently running Gotham latest, is there a minimum version required for the launch API? Any other things I can try?
Any plans to incorporate jumpsms? would be real handy! Awesome add-on though!
Is there just this single thread for all support with this add-on? I hope I am posting in correct spot.

First time user of this addon. I am running on Android. I cannot seem to get it to recognize ANY IR key I send it.

I want to control PLAY, STOP, REWIND, FF, NEXT, and PREVIOUS from my remote. I installed this addon from official xbmc repository. I am a bit confused as to which "section" I need to be in, so I have tried a bunch of them... but pretty sure its just "Videos" or "Fullscreen Videos". By default, next to the PLAY is a single dash character "-". When I try to assign a key to this, I only ever see the message about waiting 5 seconds to receive the IR signal. I first just pressed the button once, but nothing ever happens so I just press the button on my remote mulitple times. After 5 seconds the screen disapears and I still see the "-" character. I think its not seeing my IR signal but I am not sure. Just for fun, I even tried 3-4 other remotes in the house to send signals and it never changes from "-". Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
(2015-10-26, 17:28)morty420 Wrote: [ -> ]First time user of this addon. I am running on Android. I cannot seem to get it to recognize ANY IR key I send it.

After a lot of reading of the Keymap wiki pages and various google searches, it seems kodi can only see IR codes that the operating system knows about. The operating system needs to first have a configuration file (remote.conf?) to handle the IR codes it receives.

My Android TV box has a small dinky remote. I was trying to blast IR codes from a bunch of remotes around the house and Kodi was seeing none of it. When I blasted the numeric 1,2,3,etc. keys from the original remote, the Keymap Editor recognized them.

I ended up mapping the original remote's 1,2,3,4,5 keys to various playback functions using the keymap editor. I was actually already using a universal learning remote which had the original remotes main functions copied. I then copied the 1,2,3,4,5 keys too and put them to the learning remotes playback buttons. Works pretty good now Smile Unfortunately I will probably forget how to do this the next time I need. Hopefully google search search results will lead me back to this forum/page Smile
Hello my friends,
I have a A2 Minix control:
my question is:
How to assign a key to "stop" for Kodi isengard 15.2 player? .. I tried with the Key map addon, but it did not work ...
The control Minix A2 works very well with Kodi Isengard, but does not have a physical key "Stop"
I have the Minix neo-X8 H-plus and my current skin, is Chroma.

Thanks for your answers,

PD. sorry for my bad english Smile
Fellas, perhaps this has already been answered, but I can't read all 16 pages. The question is: how can I install this add-on for Isengard (kodi 15.x)? The wiki states that this is included up to and including the Helix repositories. So, how can I include it in 15.x?
From the official repo same as any other approved add-on - it works fine with Isengard.
(2015-11-15, 13:50)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]From the official repo same as any other approved add-on - it works fine with Isengard.

Very strange, I was unable to locate it (feel dummy). Would you be kind enough to tell me under which addon category I can find it on Isengard?
System > Add-ons > Install from repository > Kodi Add-ons repository > Program Add-ons > Keymap Editor

At least it's that under Confluence.
Thanks mate, it was right under my nose.
Thank you so much, now i can scroll subs, audio, subs offset and full display video at the push of a button!Wooooo

I bought this remote


I am not able to overwrite the original mapping, the first pressing does what the xml it saying but the second time it's doing something else, any way to force the xml file over the original configuration?

<key id="61506">right</key>
<key id="61568">up</key>
<key id="61569">down</key>
<key id="323796">back</key>
<key id="323593">back</key>
<key id="323731">select</key>
<key id="192660">left</key>
<key id="61467">left</key>

I've found this in the questions on amazone
"The start/pause button (on the left of the button circle) is the more complex one! The first time you press it, it sends the following button presses, in sequence: Shift+F5, Ctrl+Shift+b, Alt+Win+p, F5
Then, the second time you press it, it sends the Escape key."

any cluesHuh
If I remember correctly, the key codes received can be found in the debug log if it's enabled. So you can try that method to confirm what Kodi is actually receiving. There are other ways to do it and get those codes, it but will depend on your platform. You also need to know the Action_IDs (wiki), which are what Kodi uses to link the inputs to the actions they are supposed to trigger (and are what the keymap add-on sets up).

But in any case it may be that the hardware unit itself is programmed to send that key sequence for the given button-push, at which point you're going to have problem as of course Kodi can only work with what it receives, which in this case it would have no control over.
Hi everybody. i have read in this thread people talking about mapping the kodi remote app . i only have a question ... HOW? when i try to edit a key for example , global, navigation, browse_back , press in my iphone remote app , and nothing, no key, nothing... How can i do it?? , is for the remote app? is there other remote app in iOS tha t work with keymapeditor?? help please
It's designed for direct input (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen etc) not for remote apps, at least to my understanding.

Look in the Supplimentary Tools section of this forum for more details on remotes etc, including the official iOS one (sorry I'm an Android, Windows and Pi user, not an Apple one so can't help specifically with your question).
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