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Full Version: Keymap Editor (configure remote in GUI)
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Hi guys, I createt a blank playlist where I want to put movies in it that has been watched like the last 1o watched movies so if a movie plays I´d like to push a button on my remote so the playlist open up to save the movie...is this possible and where can I find this command?
(2015-11-19, 23:59)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]It's designed for direct input (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen etc) not for remote apps, at least to my understanding.

Look in the Supplimentary Tools section of this forum for more details on remotes etc, including the official iOS one (sorry I'm an Android, Windows and Pi user, not an Apple one so can't help specifically with your question).

Thanks for your answer man Wink . i think i have read in this thread any people mapping for app. But now i resolved this. the problem was de remote app. whit other remote i can mapping with keyboard.xml
Thanks a lot Wink
Would it be possible to ammend this addon, so that you can string a list of button presses together.

So for example you could have

Stop: Home: Favorites: Down: Down: Enter

and then assign to one Key. This would then open your 2nd Favorite.

Alternativley could we have the 1st 5 or 10 favorites as being programable.

I am sure that there is probably a good reason why this has not been done before, but no harm in asking
My TV remote controls virtually every function in Kodi already without any modification, with the exception of the channel up/down buttons. I'm trying to map these using the Keymap Editor but it's not even registering the button press when I try.

Any idea how I can "teach" it this command?
If your TV isn't passing these buttons on to CEC then there's nothing you can do about it in Kodi.
Are there any plans to integrate long pres?
Looking to disable Kodi's Skip Steps. Does anyone know where I can access this place holder using Keymap Editor?
I Have a Sony Android TV with kodi tv, but I can't fast forward, stop, rewind with my remote control, I try with keymap editor but don't change, is a problem of kodi version with my tv or a video problem?
If the add-on can't see the key presses then it's likely that they aren't being passed on to Kodi.

Not much can be done about that from our side.
No the command play and pause cant see the new command but the fast forward and other change the comand in kemap editor but i can't use to on Demond program from live tv. I change the comand from full screen live tv and global > playback.
Usefull addons......... but it's working only whit a hardware keyboard attached to my pi2 (whit osmc).
Also i have a CEC remote......this use the remote.xml and whit this addons i can't edit this...... it's right ?
Can this be used to assign the "C" key to another button on my Harmony Elite remote.
(2015-12-27, 00:45)CodaMan Wrote: [ -> ]Looking to disable Kodi's Skip Steps. Does anyone know where I can access this place holder using Keymap Editor?

Skip steps can be disabled in the Kodi Settings-Video menu. If you would like Kodi to behave the same way it did before skip steps were included remove all skip steps except -10sec and +30 and change the delay to 0ms.
I pilight use software to control the wireless devices.
My question:
Is it possible to assign a key to execute the command?
The command to execute
sudo pilight-send -p kaku_switch -i 19330026 -u 15 -t
sudo /usr/local/bin/pilight-send -p kaku_switch -i 19330026 -u 15 -t
I would like eg. This command to turn on the Key "1"

pilight-send is the command issued from the console SSH which includes my socket Wireless
My keymap gen.xml
<keymap><global><keyboard><key id="213">xbmc.runplugin(plugin://plugin.video.surveillanceroom?action=all_cameras)</key><key id="206">xxxxxxxx</key></keyboard></global></keymap>
What I would have to enter in place of xxxxxxxx
I'm using Kodi 16.0 Beta 4 on the nvidia Shield, and the version of Keymap that's on the repo. I'd like to change the remote to do too things: I'd like the Back button to stop a playing video, and a long press of select to take a screenshot.

I went to Keymap > Edit > Fullscreen Video > Playback and changed the Stop command from browser_back to the remote button, but this seemed to have no effect. I then went to Global > Fullscreen Video > Playback and did the same thing there, and that prevented me from using the Back button at all. In the Global section, I noticed that the Stop command is assigned to S, so I tried using the iOS Kodi Remote to assign that in the FSV section, but apparently the add-on ignores the commands sent from the remote app. Since I don't have a keyboard hooked up to the Shield, I don't know where to go next.

Pretty much the same thing happened with attempting to make long press (which currently Pauses video) into a screenshot button. Any help would be appreciated.
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