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XBMC Resume V.0.0.1 by Matt Huisman

Resumes selectable states (music, video, slideshow, window etc) by monitoring and saving the current states into a database at a defined interval.
It then resumes the saved state on XBMC start-up. Due to the constant monitoring, the script is designed to work with unexpected XBMC shutdowns.

  • Resume currently playing video, video position & video playlist
  • Resume currently playing audio, audio position & audio playlist
  • Resume currently playing slideshow
  • Resume current window & path (eg: TV Shows/Family Guy/Season 1/)
  • Resume current volume & mute status (off by default as XBMC stores these - however, can enable to allow for over-ride of XBMC stored value)
  • Settings change monitor (no need to restart XBMC for new settings to take affect)
  • Ability to fully disable monitoring and/or resuming
  • Resumes media items by their library id's if possible (keeps correct file-name, art etc)







  1. Install script via ZIP file
  2. Once installed, run script via programs to start service
  3. or, restart XBMC to start service
  4. Configure required add-on settings

Tips / Ideas
  • You can simply click on the script via programs to open it's add-on settings dialog
  • It is possible to get XBMC to a state and then disable monitoring. This way, XBMC will always start at that state (and not over-write it). Good for comparators / display units.
    Eg: Always resume a slideshow with a certain soundtrack playing on XBMC boot. You can also easily edit the MySQL database to fine tune the stored state.
    Simplest form of this is if you always wanted your XBMC to boot into Movies view.

Future Features
  • Snapshot mode - Countdown timer (2mins) until the script takes a Snapshot of current state. It then will disable monitoring so this state is always resumed on boot.
  • Resume play/pause/random state etc
  • Resume last slideshow slide (not currently possible via API?)

Would love some feedback so I can get it added to official repository.
First of all I think this is a wonderful idea (for me at least). I intentionally crashed my device while playing a video on 1Channel and as stated it resumed just where it left off. However my question is, Hypothetically speaking you select an addon. This addon begins the loading process and it takes awhile to begin to play. However its the plugin that crashes your system. How do you prevent the resume service from placing you back into that same position (infinite loop). May I suggest a confirmation (yea - na) before it automatically resumes itself. Thx for this wonderful service.

So, it's another addon that causes a crash?
& my script takes you back to that addon?
My script shouldn't resume other scripts.
Or, is it a video plugin or something?


No, No I was speaking hypothetically. Would it resume on the same path that caused the crash in the first place? But I believe you answered that in your last post. I also noticed (which I didn't realize) there is a time delay before resume starts. Still I love this service, I think adding a ya or nah confirmation would be more of a safe guard if anything else.
I have installed it also on my iPad1. In general, it seems to function, but I guess I really need some proper crashes to test it more thoroughly.

A couple of issues:

- Im not sure that it is restoring the actual last saved state. After a normal shutdown, next time I started XBMC it got restored to a menu I used much earlier.

- I disabled the 'Monitor for setting changes' because it seemed to be causes XBMC to freeze.

- On my iPad1 the volume that it detects seems to be the device volume (which I often have on 100%), rather than the XBMC volume which I normally have at about 85% (well -15). So when the restore happens, unfortunately it restores the XBMC volume to 100%. Maybe this can be selectable, because Im sure some people do the opposite to me (ie: fix the XBMC volume and use the iPad volume instead).
I really like the idea of this addon but I can't seem to get it to work right. I have been looking for a solution to audio book marks forever. I have a few audio books and they are really long mp3s. It tried using them through media sources as well as scanning them to my music lib. I would play the audio for a few mins and it would shut down ok with no problem, Then when starting the XBMC again I would see the Resuming state... popup, but it would just stay on a screen that said music...Image
..but then again, I kind of have a weird setup too. (if that matters or not) Mac OS X 10.8.4 (Hackintosh) running 12.2 Frodo. I can get out of the blank music page just fine and it doesn't crash or anything as far as I can tell so far. Maybe I am doing something wrong in the settings perhaps? I will mess with this more when I have a little more time.
I uninstalled this AddOn. It proved unreliable and caused xbmc to hang. And with no support or replies from the developer (after he stated "Would love some feedback ") it has been very disappointing...

I installed the script however after my pc wakes up from hibernation the music doesn't resume playing.

Does this script only work for music in playlists? I don't use them, my usage is just to plug in a usb memory stick with a collection of songs and choose it as my source and start playing.

Any help appreciated.

Ok, I know what the issue is now. The script does not work if you use hibernation or sleep, only shut-down.

Is there a way that it can be made to work with sleep or hibernation? I'm using XBMC in a car pc setup so these two options allow for quicker bootup times than booting from a shutdown.

Do you mean hibernation/sleep via XBMC?
Or, your PC is going into hibermation/sleep?
(2013-09-10, 03:31)matthuisman Wrote: [ -> ]Hi.
Do you mean hibernation/sleep via XBMC?
Or, your PC is going into hibermation/sleep?


My netbook is modified so that when the car ignition is switched off a relay shorts out the power button, which normally triggers sleep mode, I fixed the issue by changing the settings in Windows to perform a shutdown instead.

All has been working well for the last month or so until I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 (Starter, was previously running Home Premium)

After that, I installed XBMC 12.2 and XBMC resume, however now it never actually resumes!

When the computer powers up, and XBMC runs, I see a small window in the top lefthand side of the screen which says "XBMC Resume - Service Started" however it I don't ever see the window that used to pop up saying "Resuming state"

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for your help

I found the issue!

The only difference in my XBMC settings compared to my previous install was that in my current Confluence Skin settings I had the Startup Window set to Music. Once I changed that back to Home Window, resume now works..

Is there a way to change this? I would really prefer my XBMC system to start up in the Music menu as that's what it is mostly used for.


This is perfect! Thanks Big Grin
Thanks for the plugin very useful for me, because I always use Alt+F4 to turn off xbmc.
I have a question. If I turn off xbmc on exit,is it possible to resume last thing on next time when I start xbmc.

Best Regards
Does this work with Gotham? Screenshot links are also broken.

Seems to work fine, but how can I disable the notifications for the add-on?
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