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Full Version: Is There a Sirius Plugin?
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Hey folks,

According to this site: http://www.xbmc4android.com/features.html there is a plugin for Sirius/XM radio, but I've looked all over and haven't been able to find it. Does one exist?

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See the following threads:
So, short answer is no, not currently.

BTW, don't believe everything you read on that site you linked above. They are not official XBMC.org.
+1 on this.

It has to be possible, My Yamaha RXV-A1000 A/V Receiver has as Sirrius Internet App that still works to this day (with my subscription). If it can do it, in its very simplistic way, XBMC has got to as well?
+1 I am an XBMC user (new user, but with what I have learned recently I am going to use much more) and a Sirius subscriber. I am using XBMC as a music server for home audio system. Shoutcast is great, I got iHeart radio working, and if I could get Sirius added that would be the cats meow. PLEASE!!