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Full Version: Tvheadend 3.4 (and other) Updates
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It's been a long time since I've been on here. I've not completely dropped off the face of the earth, I've just been really stretched for time lately. Any time that I have had for hacking I've mostly been trying to finish the rewrite of the DVB code for Tvheadend. This is still progressing and the code is getting to the point of being usable, however there is still lots of little things that still need finishing.

On a brighter note, I've just done an update of the 3.4 release, this includes some significant memory leak patches from a Tvheadend user and a couple of service discovery patches that might fix some peoples systems failing to find various services.

Also we've been having fun and games with TBS drivers of late, particularly the TBS6981. Tvheadend is currently being blamed for causing the driver to fail (in particular one tuner fails to lock). Now this did not happen in 3.2 (or at least not so often), but we believe we now understand what the basic problems are and they're failures in the driver. Unfortunately TBS do not agree with our analysis. However another TVH user, Luis Alves, has taken it upon himself to write an open source driver to correct the failures that he found. This driver is now performing very well, it doesn't suffer the stability issues of the official driver and in some tests is even marginally (though probably not noticeably) quicker to zap. I would strongly urge all Tvheadend (or other Linux) users with TBS6981's (or 6980's) to try his driver.

Anyway hopefully we'll get that rewrite finished soon and be able to bring out some new features (as the rewrite is mainly for internal structural reasons, and also generally to update a few things).

(on behalf of the Tvheadend Team)

I should have said, read Luis' github wiki page for instructions on installation and getting firmware for the device. https://github.com/ljalves/linux_media/wiki.

If you have any questions, best to pop along to the IRC channel or contact Luis directly. I've not actually compiled the driver myself. All my testing of it has been on others systems where they have already installed it.

Adam - that link doesn't work. You need to remove the period after wiki.