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Full Version: Manual timer changes overriden
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sometimes EPG information are not correct. If setting a timer via timeline in XBMC and changing the timer settings in xbmc manually they appear changed in timer list (sometimes they are even set back when leaving timer menu) but recording is started / ends at initial set time.

I'm using latest tvheadend build and xbmc 12.2.


These timer management bugs are really annoying ... Yesterday I set 3 timers for 3 following programs. It recorded the first program twice and the second not. And another day the computer shut down while recording (my mistake) and the next day, when booting up, recording was simply started again without end ... Is it xbmc or tvheadend which causes these errors ?
Not trying to hijack, but your issue sounds similar to mine and wanted to chime in here if it is. I used the EPG to tell XBMC to record a tv show, then attempted to edit the timer rules under the timer screen.

I changed the date to M-F and set the lifetime to 365, then press "OK". From here if I go back into the timer the rule still exists, but if I leave the timer section and come back in the changes are no longer there.

I am using Windows 7, XBMC 12.2 and NPVR as a backend.

If my issue is not the same please let me know and I'll make a new post.
the part where you change, leave and come back to timer settings sounds similiar ... same here ..
debug log please