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Full Version: Duplicates of seemingly random TV shows
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For some unknown reason, after a regular "Update Library", many of my TV shows (>80%) have duplicate entries for each episode. I believe this stems from an issue where my files are located at /var/media/hdd/Videos/, and there is a symbolic link from / called media/, such that:
/media/hdd/Videos/, and
are the same path.

Here's part of my userdata/sources.xml
    <default pathversion="1"></default>
        <path pathversion="1">/var/media/hdd/Videos/TV</path>
        <path pathversion="1">/var/media/hdd/Videos/Film/</path>

I've tried "Clean Library", countless other tweaks, but I cannot seem to resolve the issue.

Whilst most TV shows are duplicated, some are correct, which only use the path /media/ (not /var/media/).

Any suggestions?

Note: I do not believe I can delete or rename the symbolic link due to the read only file system (OpenELEC)
SOLVED: Had to modify the database.

  1. Execute:
    DELETE FROM path WHERE strPath LIKE '/var/media/hdd/Videos/TV/%';
  2. Update Video Library
  3. Clean Video Library
  4. For TV shows showing no episodes, Context Menu -> Scan for new content