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Full Version: Separate categories/folders in one smart playlist?
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Hi there, I'm trying to setup all my wrestling/UFC PPV's under their own menu using smart playlists.

There are a set of PPV's (special event shows) each year. They have the exact same names each year. For example, yesterday the PPV "Money In the Bank" aired, last year a PPV of the same name aired.

Usually all PPV's I have in my library will show up in the playlist, it's extremely unorganized. So, I was wondering if I could categorize the playlist to sort by year?

For example, in the playlist there would be a "2010" category, where all PPV's occurring in 2010 would appear, a 2011 category where all 2011 PPV's would appear, etc.

If I can't do this with smart playlists is it possible to do it with custom video nodes? If so, how?