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Full Version: Scrapers replace tags with wrong data?
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I have problems with some artists and albums in my collection - some of them are displayed improperly even though all are properly tagged. I store my records in flac, all tagged with Mp3Tag (only flac tag available). All files kept on NAS shared via NFS (but I had the same with samba, so it's not a protocol related problem), in folders with following structure:
Music/<Artist>/<YYYY> <Album title>/<track#> <song title>

All files have following tag:
- artist
- title
- album
- year
- genre
- track
- album artist
- discnumber
- cover

However, in the library some of artist have wrong casing (e.g. "WITHIN TEMPTATION" instead "Within Temptation" set in tag), some are just set to "Unknown". Similarly, sometimes song titles are replaced by simple "Track 1", "Track 2", etc...
I've double and triple checked the tags and I'm sure they're correct. It looks like a scraper prefers data from online sources to the one available in tag and feeds the database with wrong values. Am I right with that suspicion? How to configure scrapers to prioritize local tags over remote data?
I'm using standard Artist and Album scrapers on Frodo 12.2 installed on Ubuntu minimal.
and i'm positive that the problem is in your tags. check them for the 4th time because that's the only place the problem can be. ID3V1, ID3V2 and so on
Long time has passed since but I think I finally know the source of the problem. My files are properly tagged (and without duplicated tags, e.g. it's v2 only) but often I keep CUE files together with flacs. XBMC seems to read them and prefer to use information from the CUE to the one available in tags.
Any way to disable that function or change the priority (read the tag first, and if not available, then read the CUE)? I've checked the settings in XBMC, Artist and Album scrapers and found nothing interesting there.
Does anyone have some idea how to work it around?
According to http://kodi.wiki/view/Advancedsettings.x...defromscan and http://kodi.wiki/view/Advancedsettings.x...extensions I've just tried the following:
        <!-- Regular expressions that if evaluated to true won't be added to library. -->

That should exclude .cue files from scanning to library (regardless the case of the extension) and from the list of files to play. I also added image and video file extensions, as I tend to have some music videos together with music files. I hope that helps.