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Full Version: Help XBMC Frodo and HDMI audio output
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Hi guys, I recently bought this alienware x51 computer for my living room. I noticed that if I use XBMC and select HDMI output from audio settings everything works great. But then if I leave and come back (turn the tv off for a while), the audio doesn't work and I have to go back to settings and select HDMI output again in the systems settings (XBMC). Anyone have any suggestions?
Kind of annoying
No one? Steam works ok
Because you turned off your tv.
Your hdmi thinks it's not connected and turns it off.
And some don't reconnect when turned on again.
It would work if you boot down and reboot.
Depending which gpu you for your computer there could be a driver fix or a edid reg patch.
Or the Pin 19 trick, see Post #10 @ http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1357945
Oh thanks guys.. I appreciate it. After playing around with this Alienware x51 off and on for the past several weeks.. I realized a few things:

Computers have no role in the living room. ... it simply never works right!!

Too many crashes/driver issues/this and that/this remote works/that remote works/audio works/audio doesn't work/ this setting/that setting.. I got tired of it. It has consumed me to the point that I have gained 20 lbs.

I give up, back to openelec for me, and no windows in the living room. Now I remember why I went to Mac, Windows has too many problems.. I feel like I went back to 1980s.

I was having similar issues. I tried lots of solutions and I'm sure if I kept trying I could've figured it out but this product will 100% solve your issues. It definitely solved mine. It's not the cheapest solution but it works perfectly and it's super easy.