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Full Version: jynxbox linux cant change from wired to wifi
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I installed the geeksquad image on a jynxbox and i can not get the wifi to work. When i go into the settings in XBMC it just says no connection. I can click on it all i want and nothing happens. If i plug in ethernet it does work it will say wired but no matter how many times i reboot or unplug it will not allow me to select wifi.

Any ideas? I had this problem with a pivos box as well on linux just had to go wired
IM still having this issue? Anyone have an idea?
Did you install the same geeksquad image on your Pivos where you encountered the same problem? If so, do they (geeksquad) have a support forum where you can pose this question?
No the pivos has the pivos software.
Is this the same question/problem you reported in this thread?: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=170143