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Full Version: [REQUEST] SomaFM Internet Radio Addon (Some Work Already Done)
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(2021-05-16, 02:46)christoofar Wrote: [ -> ]Can you explain how to do this?
Here's what I did:

1. In web browser, go to SomaFM radios station page of your choice. For Groovesalad > https://somafm.com/groovesalad/
2. Near the bottom of the radio station page, find the MP3 link of your choice, right click on the link, save the pls file somewhere you can find it. See pic below:

3. Copy pls file to a location that is accessible by your Kodi device. I placed mine in a folder on the NAS I use to serve video files, etc.
4. In Kodi, navigate to the pls file and select it to play.
Wow ! many thanks, this works a treat!
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