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Full Version: Music addons open at music library
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Raspberry Pi - Openelec 3.0.3
I have only two music addons, both radio addons which worked OK. Now when I open them instead of getting a list of radio stations they open at "Music Library" which is empty. I can find no way of navigating anywhere and no way of changing the view to station list I want.
I have tried uninstalling the addons, deleting any left over data, rebooting and reinstalling all with no success. The addons in question are "Radio" and "ListenLive EU"

Help please.

Many thanks

Try selecting MUSIC/Files from the home page. This should display the "Music - Files" page with options for "Music add-ons" and "Add music...", among others. You should be able to access your add-ons from here. XBMC remembers this navigation path, so the next time you click on MUSIC from the home page, it will display the "Music - Files" page.

If all you're planning to have for Music for the foreseeable future are these two add-ons and you're using the default Confluence skin, you may want to create home page shortcuts to these add-ons so that when you navigate to the MUSIC menu option, thumbnail "buttons" for these add-ons are displayed at the bottom of the page which you can click to launch them.